High School Graduation Requirements

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While the State of North Carolina requires 24 credit hours for graduation from high school, we require 36 credit hours, in order to offer our students the most well-rounded, comprehensive education. To assure and ascertain they have acquired the skills, knowledge and concepts necessary to perform well when they leave high school, each CMS student is also required to complete a graduation project. Their self-selected topic should be complex and comprehensive enough to challenge the student intellectually and creatively, while broadening his/her knowledge about a particular topic. We also require our high-schoolers to accumulate a total of 200 community service hours (50 per year).

High school credit hours break down as follows:

  • Mathematics: 4 credits (4 years)
  • Science: 4 credits (4 years)
  • Social Studies: 4 credits (4 years)
  • English: 4 credits (4 years)
  • World Language: 2 credits (2 years)
  • Health: ½ credit (1 semester)
  • Physical Education: ½ credit (1 semester)
  • Montessori Intersession Courses: 4 credits (4 years)
  • Montessori Electives: 6 credits (over 4 years)
  • Choice Electives: 7 credits (over 4 years)