High School Curriculum

high-schoolHigh-schoolers attend core content classes as well as electives classes with content area teachers. All courses are offered at the honors level and connect to the yearly cycle theme, which was created based on adolescent brain development.

Explore Math and Science with Ms. Mindy.

Explore English, History and Yearbook with Ms. Ali.

Explore Montessori Electives.

Twice throughout the school year, students participate in two-week intersessions, pairing vigorous academic requirements with hands-on learning experiences, often including travel and/or community service. AP courses are offered as electives, and students also have the option of following their interests and enrolling in North Carolina Virtual Public School to take advantage of a wide variety of elective courses.

Students continue the work of time management and organization through thoughtful content-area work choices, guided by their checklist. All content-area work is connected to not only the North Carolina State Standards and Common Core Standards but also to the distinct needs of the adolescent. Students continue the use of the checklist to guide their work, participate in hands-on as well as independent work and are held to the highest academic standards involving both numeric grades as well as self-evaluative reflections. The goal is not only student mastery of the material, but also to learn about the process of learning and to honor where we each are as individuals.

In addition, students are given multiple opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, practice healthy conflict-resolution with peers and adults and to take time for personal and academic reflection.