Updates from our PTSO president

IMG_6163Happy 2017, Sedgefield Montessori Families! We hope you enjoyed some down time with family and friends over the holiday break and are ready for the second half of a productive school year.

Our PTSO continues to work towards our goals of marketing and connecting the CMS Montessori community, supporting our staff, creating a connected school community and the ever-dreaded but necessary fundraising to support our growth and goals.

Our biggest success of 2016 was the success of the proposal for the expansion at JT Williams. Thanks to all of you who rallied for us by writing to school board members, showing up at school board meetings, attending magnet office forums, representing our school at Montessori Parent Advisory Group meetings and spreading the word about our program to your circle of friends and family in support. It truly takes a village to make this kind of formative change in the world of public education.

In addition to supporting our expansion and move to JT Williams, your PTSO leadership team has assisted with Upper El Classroom visits. This is where the 5th- and 6th-graders from all the elementary schools come visit our school to get a taste of life in Montessori Middle School. We have organized Open Houses to welcome interested families into our space to learn more about our program. We coordinated Demystifying Montessori Middle school nights at the elementary schools to allow for parent-to-parent conversation about their experiences at Sedgefield Montessori and have Sedgefield liaisons that connect us with the elementary schools on a regular basis through weekly newsletter articles.

We were fortunate to have some amazing PTSO volunteers step up to take care of our wonderful teachers and supportive staff by spreading the joy of the holidays with special treats, a lunch (along with a break from the kids) and gifts. We hope they know how much we appreciate all of their dedication and hard work. It never ceases to amaze me how demanding the role of our teachers can be.

So far, PTSO leaders and volunteers have organized a back-to-school picnic, a student social at Inner Peaks, started a Mountain Biking Club, and hope to kick off our Ultimate Frisbee Club in the spring. We anticipate a few more social events in the second half of the year.

Our fundraising began with an Invest in Secondary Montessori campaign in the fall, and we will do this again in the spring. So if you could not give in the fall, there is another chance to support the school financially. PTSO leadership organized our second annual Kids Camp, where kids were invited from the Upper El classrooms to spend a teacher workday with our Sedgefield camp counselors to build community and raise money. We hope to have more opportunities for this in the spring.

We could always use more volunteers and would love to have new faces at our meetings. Joining in on the PTSO leadership team or just coming to meetings can make you feel more connected to what is going on and give opportunities to meet other parents. Please consider coming to our off-campus, informal PTSO meetings, designed to allow for getting business done but also meet our need to connect with each other socially.

Our next PTSO meeting is January 17th at Pike’s Soda Shop from 6-8.  We would love to see some new faces and hear new ideas about your visions for our growth and expansion. Maybe there is a role you can fulfill to make your vision happen. We continue to seek a Treasurer Elect to help us manage our money next year. If you are organized and good with money please consider stepping up to fulfill this role. If you plan to attend the meeting, please RSVP to me at Darawhittle@live.com for planning purposes.

Thanks so much to our many PTSO leaders and volunteers who have generously give their time and talents to our Sedgefield Montessori community.  We are fortunate to have such a passionate group of parents.

Dara Whittle

Sedgefield Montessori PTSO President

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