Competitive mountain biking team forming – Next ride, November 19



Four to six boys have been mountain biking together every other Sunday for several months, but the group would love to get more participants to create a team which would compete with other teams in North Carolina.

Open to boys and girls in 7th and 8th grade as well as the freshmen at Sedgefield Montessori, our team would participate in the Interscholastic North Carolina Cycling League. The competition begins in March 2017 and concludes in late May. Go to for more information.

Practice for all team members begins in December. For now, the group plans to practice at one of the many mountain biking trails in the Charlotte area and will focus on the following key values:

  • Strong mind- fitness/health
  • Strong mind- academics/discipline
  • Strong character- leadership, teamwork
  • Inclusivity- everyone rides
  • Equality- teams include boys and girls

The next ride is this coming Saturday, November 19th at 2 p.m. at Renaissance Park (1200 West Tyvola Road, Charlotte).

Please email Mark Dombroski at to RSVP and share whether Saturdays or Sundays work best for your family’s schedule going forward. He also welcomes calls or texts (704-776-5515). Students can speak with Luca Hischen-Dombroski for more information at school.

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