Calling on volunteers: Celebrating 25 years of public Montessori

htl-25-anniv-logoThe 2016-17 school year represents 25 years of public Montessori in CMS. Park Road Montessori School is working to bring an idea envisioned more than five years ago by Maggie Barker, one the of original Montessori teachers from Amay James, to fruition. The effort will come in two parts:

  1. A sculpture dedicated to the philosophies of Maria Montessori. This link shows a rendering of the sculpture and the artist statement sharing the symbolism of each aspect.
  2. A Montessori reunion celebration, to be scheduled around Earth Day in Spring 2017. This is still very much in the idea stage, but organizers want to gather teachers, staff, families and alumni of all our Montessori schools as well as representatives of the district to celebrate 25 successful years of Montessori.

Cynthia Wood and Maury Finger, parents at PRM, and Principal Anna Moraglia are leading the committee to make this all happen. They are looking for a contact person at each of the schools to share information as plans become finalized. Many aspects of the building of the sculpture will require community resources, and they wish to utilize the network of our Montessori families to make it happen.

Moreover, there will be an opportunity to sponsor bricks/stones that will define the space for the sculpture. Understand that even though the sculpture is set to stand on the PRM campus, our plan is to build in the front of the campus so that it is accessible by anyone and its focus is the advancement of the progressive Montessori philosophy in the public setting. The sculpture is being built for our entire Montessori community.

If you would like to be the advisor from your school, please email Cynthia Wood or Maury Finger. In addition, they are searching for resources to handle different aspects of the project. Check out more information here.

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