Support future Secondary Montessori students through Chantilly Montessori fundraisers

chantilly_logo1We all know it takes a village, and thanks to schools like Chantilly Montessori, our program is growing and thriving. Please help us support our, hopefully, future Secondary Montessori students by supporting Chantilly Montessori in the following fundraisers:

  • Southern Spring Show parking fundraiser, Feb. 27-28 and March 5-6: This is one of Chantilly’s largest fundraisers. If you are attending the Southern Spring Show, please park at Chantilly (701 Briar Creek Road) . You may even have the opportunity to buy some snacks after you park, as 6th-graders will also be operating a ‘lemonade stand’ as part of their Washington, DC, fundraising. Volunteers are also needed to park cars, collect money or direct traffic on Chantilly Montessori’s property during the Southern Spring Show. Older students and alumni are welcome to help, as well. Volunteers need to be at least 15 years old. Sign up by going online to  Click on “Fundraisers” and choose “Parking Fundraiser.” There are several open shifts to choose from, and the password is “butterfly701.”
  • Purchase AutoBell Carwash tickets for the 6th grade field trip to Washington, DC: Tickets cost $15.99, payable by cash or check made out to Chantilly PTO.  Please email Trish Sheridan if you’d like to support this fundraiser.




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