Updates from PTO president, Nov. 18 PTO meeting canceled

Dara Whittle, Sedgefield Monessori PTO President

The PTO Leadership team is working hard to meet our 2015-2016 goals of marketing and growing the Secondary Montessori program. We have organized tremendous support from both the Sedgefield Montessori community as well as the four Montessori elementary schools for the initiation of the Montessori high school (still to be determined). We have worked hard to get our name out there with the development of Sedgefield Montessori merchandise, a new brochure and a website. We have assisted in the initiation of the new upper elementary shadowing days. Within the next two weeks, we will be hosting “Demystifying Montessori Middle School” events at the elementary schools for parents who are interested in learning more about the program from the parent’s perspective and hosting our own Sedgefield Montessori Open House for prospective parents.

Our intentions for monthly PTO meetings to discuss PTO business and collaborate on ideas and build community have not quite worked out as planned. In October, there was an enormous amount of time spent on advocacy work, educating the school board on the Montessori high school, and other PTO business was postponed for the time being. Now we are up for our third meeting of the year, November 18th, and I am again faced with a tremendous amount of time needed on marketing our program through the events mentioned above. We have four events scheduled the week of the next PTO meeting, November 18th. Therefore, I am electing to postpone the PTO meeting again. It is my intention to get back to work on some of our other PTO goals when this surge of marketing and advocating is over. The next monthly PTO meeting is scheduled for December 16th. The PTO leadership team will meet from 5:30 to 6:00, and the general PTO meeting is from 6:00-6:30. By this time, we should be able to move on to other PTO business and goals for the year, such as building community through social events for the kids and the families, fundraising for the program and staff support/appreciation.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns, questions or suggestions.

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