CMS full secondary Montessori (7-12) within our grasp…POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

We’re nearing the finish line, and we need your help. On October 13, the CMS Board meets at 6 p.m. at the Government Center at 600 East 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 to discuss changes to magnet programs, which is a pivotal day for the Charlotte Montessori community. We encourage families attend this meeting and show our students what advocacy is all about. Make sure to wear your Montessori gear!

Leading up to the October 13 meeting, please contact your school board rep to express your support now, as their vote affects the future of Secondary Montessori. Many representatives can be found via a quick search on Twitter and Facebook.

These at-large school board members represent the entire district and should be included in your communications:
Mary T McCray
Timothy S. Morgan
Ericka Ellis-Stewart

Said Dara Whittle, Sedgefield Montessori PTO president: “Even if you are not planning to send your student to the Montessori high school, please support the growth of this program for other Montessori students. We need our Montessori families to come together to make this happen. Invite any other Montessori families that you know. Let’s show CMS we are serious!”

Please review what you need to know when advocating for a full Secondary Montessori (grades 7-12), and then help us spread the word! This background article, developed by Brittany Stone, explains the importance and need of the full Montessori Secondary Program, and we highly recommend you read it.

For more information, please contact Montessori Parent Advisory Group member and Sedgefield Montessori PTO president Dara Whittle.

2 Comments on “CMS full secondary Montessori (7-12) within our grasp…POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  1. Full Montessori Secondary will be one of the greatest ideas from CMS board. The montessori phylosophy educates the whole child and most parent will agree, this is what American needs. Also let’s pay attention to aging buildings of montessori schools, especially Park Road. I have 2 children at Park Road and I strongly support full montessori secondary.
    Thank you.


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